Thief stealing data with a tracking beacon

Detect and track data thieves

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Data theft and unauthorised access to information is a global challenge which continues unabated, posing significant threats to organisations and individuals.

Detecting data loss with traditional solutions is challenging. Enterprise data management and encryption software can be expensive to deploy and coverage can be inconsistent across your critical data. These solutions are also difficult to extend outside your network perimeter.

Data loss detection is also challenging when the safety of your information is entrusted to third-party providers. In these cases it is unclear where your data is stored and who exactly has access to it.


HoneyTrace provides you with assurance that your data has not been exposed or sold online. It also helps you to track and learn about the theft.

The HoneyTrace solution uses AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing to generate unique fake tokens (tracers), such as documents, database records, website redirects, credit cards numbers and email addresses. These tracers act as watermarks and tripwires, providing unique fingerprints that are used to discover and track data theft inside and outside your network. All tracers are unique, and are not needed for any business purpose, so any interaction with them or appearance outside your network is suspicious.

Enlist intelligent bots to scan the web for your data

HoneyTrace intelligent search bots are always working— scanning the Internet and deep web for unique tokens created by HoneyTrace. If your data has been stolen, the embedded tokens can be used to identify what parts of your network have been breached. By regularly rotating your tracers, you can determine when the data was breached.

Creation of tracers is simple. Our wizards guide you through the options, with smart defaults that allow to you customise as much or as little as you need. On activation, our bots will commence their searches across the Internet, including social media, search engines, online marketplaces, forums, blogs, deep web and dark web.

Use AI to generate realistic and enticing fake files


Use HoneyTrace to generate official letters that are realistic and enticing.

Preview an AI-generated letter

Adobe PDF (57kb)

Tax invoices

Create tax invoices that simulate the paper trail of a real or fictional business.

Preview an AI-generated invoice

Adobe PDF (79kb)


Make digital presentation decks that contain authentic content and branding.

Preview an AI-generated presentation

Adobe PDF (575kb)

Create tracers to detect and track data thieves

Document tracers

Fake documents that you can insert into your cloud, phone, desktop and shared drives. Our wizards guide you through a range of customisable templates, including letters, spreadsheets and presentations, or create your own.

Database tracers

Fictional database records or whole tables that you can use across your environment. Rotate the tracers, and use different tracers for similar data in different locations, to provide indications of breach time and target.

URL Redirect tracers

Unique web links that you can drop into your content, such as notes, documents and emails. Find out if someone is snooping on your media or forwarding your notes and email on to untrusted parties.

Email tracers

Fake email accounts that you can place in specific locations, such as databases, contacts lists and spreadsheets. Be alerted when the fake account is leaked online or receives mail, for example from a spam mailer or phishing attack.

Custom word tracers

Generate unique strings that can be inserted in custom locations like wikis and instant messaging. You can use HoneyTrace to make unique phrases, credit card numbers, addresses, and more.

Deploy beacons and traceable tokens to detect data leaks

Intelligent bots scan the Internet, social media, deep web and dark web for signs of your data

HoneyTrace creates unique tokens that you can insert into strategic locations on your network. Intelligent search bots automatically scan the web for signs of your data— 24/7. If any tokens are detected, you will be alerted via SMS, email and the HoneyTrace portal. Use the HoneyTrace API to send alert events to your own security monitoring dashboards for an integrated view of data breaches.

Set tripwires that alert you to suspicious activity

Create tripwires that alert you to the interaction with files and information inside and outside your network. Tripwires can be set up in several ways: generated documents that contain beacons, URL redirects that wrap real online resources, and email addresses that alert you when they are mailed to.

Use HoneyTrace to place tripwires in secure file stores and confidential emails— data thieves activate these tripwires unknowingly whilst browsing your network or when viewing leaked communications.